Learn again and again 06.08.2021 Learn again and again
Tell me, how can I live my life so as not to get tired? A rhetorical question from the main character of the long-standing film "White Dew". In life, renewal is periodically necessary - only it can protect you from monotonous melancholy. The easiest way is to learn something new.

Be unique... 20.07.2021 Be unique...
Today, another spam came to my mailbox - KPRF members, United Russia, pipe cleaners, cosmetics sellers-they tell me how cool they are. I immediately throw all this away. But one piece of paper attracted me.

22.02.2021 Algorithmics and development of systems thinking
Segregation of Russian education? Yes! And not only in the quality of teaching a foreign language (the idea of introducing it as a mandatory subject on the Unified State Exam was still abandoned), but also in a subject that, it would seem, is so unimportant and frivolous. Somewhere in computer science classes they teach drawing in Paint and creating silly presentations, and in some schools-algorithmics and programming languages.

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