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Official photoDear friends! I am pleased to welcome you to my personal website. This site is not only a business card, but also a personal blog. I have devoted myself to work in the field of education, as well as various projects in the field of socio-economic literacy. 
On this site you can find ideas, thoughts on these problems. I am sure that Russia's development depends primarily on education. From the social and humanitarian culture of Russians, not from the level of technologization of all processes. Let's talk about these problems? I invite to discussion. 

With respect,

     signature     Vadim Kovrigin 

author and project manager in the field of humanitarian education and socio-economic literacy, teacher, lawyer; 

candidate of pedagogical Sciences (2008); 

basic education: history teacher (2004), lawyer (2012). 

Research interests: historiography of the Second world war, ethnocentrism in historiography and school textbooks, comparative law, educational policy.



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